Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library

Downtown Regional Connector Project


Draft Environmental Impact Statement / Draft Environmental Impact Report

(September 2010) 


Notice of Availability


Executive Summary


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need

Chapter 2 - Alternatives Considered

Chapter 3 - Transportation Impacts and Mitigation

Chapter 4 - Environmental Analyses, Consequences, and Mitigation

Chapter 5 - Draft Section 4f Evaluation

Chapter 6 - Cost and Performance Considerations and Summary Cost

Chapter 7 - Public and Agency Outreach


Appendix A - List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix B - References

Appendix C - List of Preparers

Appendix D - List of Draft EIS/EIR Recipients

Appendix E - Purpose and Need Report

Appendix F - Intentionally Left Blank

Appendix G - Scoping Report

Appendix H - Final Alternatives Analysis Report

Appendix I - Agency Coordination and Public Involvement

Appendix J - Station Planning Toolkit

Appendix K - Description of Construction

Appendix L - Transportation

Appendix M - Land Use Impacts

Appendix N - Displacement and Relocation

Appendix O - Community and Neighborhood Impacts

Appendix P - Visual and Aesthetic Impacts

Appendix Q - Air Quality Impacts and Health Risk Assessment

Appendix R - Climate Change

Appendix S - Noise and Vibration

Appendix T - Ecosystems - Biological Resources

Appendix U - Geotechnical-Subsurface-Seismic-Haz Mat

Appendix V - Water

Appendix W - Energy

Appendix X - Cultural Resources - Built Environment

Appendix Y - Cultural Resources - Archeology

Appendix Z - Cultural Resources - Paleontology

Appendix AA - Parklands and Other Community Facilities

Appendix BB - Economic and Fiscal Impacts

Appendix CC - Safety and Security

Appendix DD - Growth Inducing Impacts

Appendix EE - Environmental Justice

Appendix FF - Construction Impacts

Appendix GG - Cumulative Impacts

Appendix HH - Financial Analysis Report

Appendix II - Conceptual Engineering Drawings